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Health Department

Welcome to the Pictou Landing First Nation Health department. If you wish to speak with a member of our team, please use the links below.

As we deal with the COVID-19 Crisis below is some information:

With the recent closure of the health centre, we have set up a new mobile health line 902.301.6690 that community members can call during this period for prescription refills, medical transportation, prescription pick-up and delivery, milk tokens, etc. Our Health Staff will be working from home during this time, but you can either reach out directly to staff or call Michelle Denny during regular business hours (9am-4pm) at 902.301.6690. Any emergency calls made to the new health line after 4pm and on weekends will be forwarded to myself.

Medical drivers will not be operating at this time, but we will assist by covering gas expenses at the Victoria Corner Market for medical appointments. Call the new mobile health line for prior approval.

For any home care inquiries, you can call either Kayla McCulloch at 902.301.9524 or Jyl Cress at 902.301.9965.

We also have several Mental Health Clinicians and Counsellors (listed below) that are available to do counselling sessions over the phone or via video chat for community members, so please do not hesitate to reach out, as this is a stressful time.

Tiana Fusco: 902.754.4632
George Maringpasi: 902.237.4844
Theresa Fraser (Children & Youth): 902.301.9192
Emma Larson (Children & Youth): 902.759.8145
Michelle LeBrun: 782.440.2711

Interim Director of Health
Jyll Cress

(902) 752-0085 x. 231


Community Health Nurse – Kayla McCulloch
(902) 752-0085 x. 251

Community Health Rep – Darlene Bachiri
(902) 752-0085 x. 250

Mental Health & Addictions Support Worker – Kelsey Benoit
(902) 752-0085 x. 231

Family Wellness Coordinator – Autta Sylliboy
(902) 752-0085 x. 244

Eldery Activites Coordinator – Marileeze Denny
(902) 752-0085 x. 242

Reception – Michelle Denny
(902) 752-0085

Custodian – Donnie Muise
(902) 752-0085

Medical Van Drivers – Vacant