PLFN - Finance & Administration Department

Welcome to the Pictou Landing First Nation Finance and Administration department. We are responsible for managing Band Council office finances and the overall administration of the Band Council office If you wish to speak with a member of our team, please use the links below.

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer:

Since March 2017, I have been the CEO for the PL Band. A challenging yet rewarding job as we see the development of great policy, governance, and economic development.

As CEO I report directly to the Chief and Council members who are a great compassionate team of community members that want to improve the lives of its members and at the same time maintain the cultural aspects of their history and tradition.

Along with Program Directors, Managers and staff we work to provide essential services and support to members and other entities that interact with the members of PLFN. Working to create a high level of investment and economic opportunities it is PLFN's commitment to reach a higher level of self-sustainability while at the meantime invest in its people including its youth.

This task embraces such areas as health, education, social, housing, economic development, community development, public works, and ventures such as fisheries, wind farm and gas bar.

It offers me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion to use my experience to assist in any way that I can.

We are seeing great progress and opportunity in a beautiful part of the province of Nova Scotia.


Wayne Teasdale,


Wayne Teasdale

Chief Executive Officer - Wayne Teasdale

Gord Jones

Chief Financial Officer - Gord Jones

Chief Executive Officer - Wayne Teasdale
(902) 752-4912 x. 107

Chief Financial Officer - Gord Jones
(902) 752-4912 x. 109

Accounts Receivable Clerk – Shirley Francis
(902) 752-4912 x. 104

Accounts Payable Clerk – Louise Sapier
(902) 752-4912 x. 105

Junior Accountant - Jenny Fraser
(902) 752-4912 x. 106

IT / Recording Secretary – Janet Francis
(902) 752-4912 x. 123

Receptionist – Katie Paul
(902) 752-4912 x. 101


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